Free Selfie Quarantine video

How to get your free video

Prepare Your Script

Prepare Your Script

Prepare Your Script


Include things like: 

  1. Your name, 
  2. Your business name 
  3. Contact info
  4. Your social media handles 
  5. Your Offer
  6. Hours of operation/availability

Shoot Your Video

Prepare Your Script

Prepare Your Script


Follow your script and try to keep the video to 120 seconds or less. Here are some tips to remember:

  1. Be in a well lit, but not overly bright room
  2. Shoot in vertical mode (think selfie)
  3. Try to use a tripod or lean your phone against something
  4. Talk to the camera like a friend
  5. You DO NOT have to be perfect. It is ok to mess up. I can edit it out.
  6. Stick to your script but don't be rigid
  7. Keep background noise to a minimum. A great video can be ruined by bad sound.

Upload Your Video

Prepare Your Script

Upload Your Video


Upload your video to Google Drive and fill out the form below to fill out the required form. Things to include in your Drive folder:

  1. Typed version of your script 
  2. Your uploaded video
  3. Any additional videos or images of products or services you want me to include (i.e. pictures of your store, product videos, etc)


What to expect next

How This Will Work

After receiving your completed form with the Google Drive link to your folder, I will get to work editing your video in the order it is received. I may reach out to you for additional information or content.

Please remember that the quality of the video and images you send determines the overall quality of your finished video. That is why it is so important to shoot your video in adequate lighting with as little background noise as possible.

Once your video is complete, I will upload it into the same drive folder you created in a subfolder titled Finished Video. You will also receive an email letting you know the video is complete and ready to be uploaded to social media.

Your finished video will be 30 to 60 seconds to stay consistent with social media posting requirements, In most cases, you will receive two versions of your finished video. One will be in a square format for general posting to Instagram and Facebook feeds. The other will be in the vertical form for Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Should you need help with posting to either platform I can arrange to aid you based on my availability.

The success of this campaign depends on you, the more people you tell about this the more people I can help create high-quality video content during these unprecedented times. So help me get the word out by sharing this page or tagging your friends in my posts. 

Thank You

Brian Meek

p.s. As a community we will get through this time together, that is what this truly about.

p.s.s For those of you that share this and/or tag me in your stories and posts I will include a special gift. So remember sharing is caring.